I Want To Know Him Summit: Live The Abundant Life

Do you know God? If the answer is yes, do you long to know Him more? He wants you to live an abundant life. Not as the world sees abundance … this is something far more meaningful.

If any of this resonates with you, there’s still time to take part in this virtual event called: I Want To Know Him Summit: Live The Abundant Life.

My friend Olga of Adonai’s Child, said that the Holy Spirit guided her in the selection of those chosen to speak for this complimentary summit. What an honor it is to share a bit of my story alongside these amazing women.

Every speaker has a downloadable freebie that will be available for you each day via email. By the end of the 12 day series, you’ll have some tools that are necessary to being more fulfilled in your relationship with God.

You can get access to all of it here to register: https://want2knowhim.com/?wpam_id=1 Once registered, make sure to join the Facebook group to view all the live talks that happen each evening of the event at 7pm. It’s my turn Thursday July 14th! Hope to connect with you there!

If you want to catch any of the speakers who’ve already been on, there is a VIP all access available too!

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