“Victoria Chapin doesn’t just speak, she ignites, equips and empowers her audiences to trust in God and live supernatural lives, no matter the circumstances. Her riveting story of hope after losing her teenage daughter, combined with her tenacious faith and effervescent joy, make for a message of transformation that is simply irresistible.”

Marnie Swedberg, International Leadership Mentor


Speaking Topics


Do you ever feel stagnant in your spiritual walk? Learn how to put purpose in your steps through prayer, journaling and reflection. Victoria will explore: seven key components to enrich your spiritual walk, how to boldly walk through spiritual warfare with confidence and the art of having authentic and meaningful conversations with God. Get ready to live your life UNdaunted!

This Happened

When things happen in life, do you ever just wonder why? Is there purpose in it? Why me? Why this? Why now? Me too, my friends …Let this wife, mama, grammy and Jesus Freak assure you that you are not alone in this. Let’s explore how to replace “why” with “how”. How will I get through this? How will good come from it? How can I help others because of this pain I’ve gone through? 

Legacy of Joy

How does a mother truly overcome the tragic loss of her child. How does she find joy after that kind of pain? Can pain and joy co-exist? I’m a grieving mama, yet passionate about joy. I’ve learned the secret of being content, like Paul talks about in Philippians, in any and every situation. My mission is to inspire you to embrace adversity so you too can do life to the fullest!